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The Irish Times was established in 1859; the first edition was published on Tuesday March 29th 1859. It was printed and published at No.4 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1. For 14 weeks it was published each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On June 8th that year it became a daily newspaper.


The Irish Times was founded by Major Lawrence Knox, a man in his early twenties. Taxes on newspapers had just then been abolished, and a great many new journals appeared on the scene, though few of them lasted very long. During 1859 alone, readers enjoyed a choice of ten Irish newspapers, four of them printed in Dublin, and none of which, apart from The Irish Times, survives today.


The Irish Times at first reflected the views of its founder – in its first issue it described itself as a ‘new conservative daily paper’. Later it was to become unionist in the generally accepted sense though this was later followed by “a new unionist policy…. a policy devoted to the reunion of the country”.

Since the foundation of the State, however, the paper has followed an independent political line.


Following the death of the paper’s founder in 1873, The Irish Times was bought by the Arnott family. It became a public company in 1900 but continued to be controlled by the Arnott family for another 50 years. In 1974 a Trust was formed with as its main object the securing and maintenance of The Irish Times as “an independent newspaper primarily concerned with serious issues for the benefit of the community throughout the whole of Ireland, free from any form of personal or party political, commercial, religious or other sectional control”.
The Trust is unique in Ireland and only a tiny minority of newspapers anywhere in the world are protected from commercial and other pressures in this way.


The real strength of The Irish Times lies with the particular composition of its readership comprising an exceptionally high ratio of business and professional readers.


The Irish Times has earned an international reputation as Ireland’s quality daily newspaper. News reporting from throughout Ireland is accompanied by reports from a comprehensive network of foreign correspondents, as well as sports and business coverage, features and arts sections, lifestyle, jobs and property. Each issue contains well-informed background analysis and assessment of the events of the day, and diversity of debate in the daily opinion columns.

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