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We’re EY. We’re one of the Big 4. You might have heard of us but what you probably haven’t heard is we’re a bit different to the others. We like to think about things in a new, fresh kind of way. That’s why we like to hire people who think a bit different too.

Just look at our most recent batch of graduates. There’s Timi, the award-winning blogger with an insatiable curiosity. We like the way he wants to soak up new stuff - like fashion, music, and social media.

There’s Claire, the maths wizard always thinking of new disruptive ways to improve how we audit people. She’s the kind of disruptive person we like to work with.

There’s Mark, the social butterfly building strong relationships across the world. We’re not talking about purely ‘strictly business, yes, spreadsheets and synergy’ relationships but genuine human bonding. EY is about the people and Mark is showing us how it’s done.

There’s Aoife, the West Cork techie with a serious wanderlust, working on client site auditing some of the world’s coolest tech firms in Ireland. You’ll usually find her knocking about Grand Canal Dock, doing some seriously exciting work.

There’s Stephen, the curious one, always looking for the inside track. He just wants to get beneath the bonnet, and figure it all out from within.

There’s Tommy, the GAA All Star who's got the ‘work hard/play hard’ craic down to a T.

Then there’s Hazel, who decided photocopying and coffee runs weren’t for her so she joined EY and launched straight into the big leagues, working with major EY clients.

We’re the big 4 but different. These are our graduates, they’re a bit different themselves, and that’s why we love working with them.

You see, we’re looking to build a better working world. You don’t do that by going about it the same way as you always did. That’d be madness. You build a better working world by going at it differently, and that means hiring people who think differently, act differently, work differently, and recognise that there’s some serious merit in doing things differently.

We’re EY. And if you’re anything like the folks above, or even if you’re totally different to them, we want to hear from you. We have Graduate and Internship Programmes in Assurance, Advisory, Tax, Transactions, IT, Data and Cyber, and the work you’ll do with us is leagues apart from the work you’ll do anywhere else.

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  1. Patrick Cormac English (4339pts)
  2. David Quirke (4314pts)
  3. CiarĂ¡n Martin (4290pts)
    NUI Galway
  4. Lucy Elliott (4256pts)
    Ulster University
  5. Joanna Singleton (4244pts)
    Queen's University Belfast
  6. Harry Hawkins (4233pts)
    ITT Dublin
  7. Cheng Long (4230pts)
  8. Robert Hillary (4204pts)
    NUI Galway
  9. Conor O'Brien (4192pts)
    Trinity College Dublin
  10. Shane O'Sullivan (4184pts)
    University College Cork